CONNECTING PEOPLE with their assets

We do this by partnering with thousands of financial market participants to deliver services, solutions and technology platforms that enhance the user experience and make scaled administration simple.

We help manage regulatory complexity, improve data management and provide the tools to connect people with their assets, leveraging analysis, insight and technology.

17% from FY2018
Operating EBITDA
6% from FY2018
Operating NPATA
3% from FY2018
Statutory NPAT
123% from FY2018
Basic earnings per share
110% from FY2018
Net operating Cash Flow Conversion
Strong conversion rate

A message from the Chair

The past year has been a transformative one for Link Group. There have been many positive strategic and operational initiatives undertaken and completed during the year. These include the acquisition of a larger stake in PEXA, the separation of Link Asset Services (LAS, our UK and European business) from Capita plc and subsequent, progressive integration of Link Group’s shared services functions and the divestment of the Corporate & Private Clients Services (CPCS) business. However, the organisation has also faced several headwinds that have impacted our financial performance.

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A message from the Managing Director

FY2019 was a tough year, with our business navigating both macro and regulatory pressures. However, our conviction remains strong that our medium to long term strategy remains appropriate. We have good businesses operating in growing markets, with good prospects for growth.

The past year saw us take several important steps towards becoming a resilient, global organisation.

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The past year saw us take several important steps towards becoming a global organisation. These include realigning our divisions and functions to support improved and consistent execution and service delivery for all our clients on a global basis.

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Becoming a global organisation

Since our listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2015, we have been focused on transforming our business as a global organisation.

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Underpinned by technology and innovation

Link Group’s investment in technology and innovation enhances efficient and effective service delivery, while also enabling innovation across the group. It is a critical pillar that enables us to provide scaled operations and services, underpinned by robust information and data security.

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A focus on our people

As Link Group continues to evolve into a high performing, global organisation, supporting, developing and providing career opportunities for our people is of critical importance. This helps us retain a diverse workforce of skilled, engaged people who work together to achieve better outcomes for our clients and their customers.

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Our approach to governance and sustainability

As Link Group connects millions of people with their assets, we are committed to a high standard of information and data security, privacy and corporate governance practices. At the same time, we maintain a focus on the creation of new, innovative solutions and continuous operational improvements to support the achievement of our strategic goals.

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Financial report

During FY2019 substantial progress was made on the integration of Link Asset Services (LAS) culminating in the implementation of a global operating model that establishes a strong foundation for growth and further efficiency gains. At the same time, the business faced a number of external head winds which impacted on our financial performance.

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