Our Approach to Integration and Transformation

The ability to integrate and transform newly acquired businesses is one of Link Group’s core competencies – and one that plays a crucial and ongoing role in our growth.

We have demonstrated this on more than 40 occasions in recent years, perhaps most notably following the acquisition of superannuation administrator Superpartners.

Integration and transformation activities are significantly advanced in respect of Superpartners and are underway following completion of the LAS acquisition. Our success in this area comes from leveraging our experience, scale and investment in technology to deliver efficiency benefits, at the same time as being focused on providing excellent service.

Fund Administration and Technology & Innovation

Link Group acquired superannuation administration provider Superpartners in December 2014 and completed the last of five large client migrations in December 2016. Since the Superpartners acquisition, we have seen Operating EBITDA margin recovery in both Fund Administration and Technology & Innovation from 17% and 21% respectively in FY2016 to 22% and 32% respectively in FY2018, reflecting the success of our integration and transformation program to date.

In June 2017, we announced that we were targeting a further $45 million in integration benefits over the three-year period ending in FY2020 and are pleased to report that we have delivered more than 50% ($25.7 million) of this target in FY2018. We are well on track to achieve our target by FY2020, with the one-off costs to achieve this expected to be in the range of $8 million-$15 million.

Link Asset Services (LAS)

LAS was acquired by Link Group from Capita plc in November 2017. As with the Superpartners program, we have adopted a phased approach to integration and transformation in relation to LAS. There are three separate but interdependent work streams involving separation (from Capita), integration and transformation. These work streams involve dedicated teams who have developed bottom-up project plans with specific milestones to deliver the efficiency benefits.

We are targeting at least £15 million in annual efficiency benefits over the medium term from integration and transformation activities in LAS, with one-off costs to complete of £23 million. In the eight months since the acquisition, we can report that annual operating cost savings of £0.5 million have been realised (with a one-off cost of £6 million) and we remain confident that these targets will be achieved.