One of the biggest challenges our clients faced in 2020 was how to hold a virtual AGM, and ensure they, their executives and board were all familiar with the technologies available.

Our teams pivoted in early March, delivering our first fully-virtual AGM within a week. By utilising the different technologies available, we were able to successfully deliver over 350 virtual/hybrid AGMs (over 1,003 events including the rehearsals and practice runs that happened in the background).

Working with our trusted partners, we have facilitated AGMs hosted in Papa New Guinea, the United Kingdom, Middle East and New Zealand, and connected directors from all around the world. Don’t be too concerned if your board of directors haven’t utilised this technology before, as our team of technical specialists are available to work with and guide you and your executive teams to ensure a smooth experience.

We are constantly being asked what we and our clients have learned during this year.

The main piece of advice is for all company secretarial and investor relations teams to start thinking about their event at least 2 to 3 months before the event and engage our team of event specialists early on, so that we can work together and decided on the format and technologies to be used in a collaborative setting. This ensures the process is seamless and worry-free for all involved.

Items for consideration

  • Will the meeting venue be at your office or a hotel/convention centre?
  • Are directors running the event from their home? Will they be located domestically or internationally?
  • Where will your chairperson and moderator be located?
  • Is there a live audience?
  • Will your event utilise video and/or audio?
  • What are your audio-visual requirements?
  • Will your event be supported by a conference call?
  • Does your event require a video conference to bridge together remote locations?